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Tips to Find Out Which Security System You Have

First, you need to find the panel, which is usually located in a closet or hallway. Then, you can remove the panel cover and the system you are looking for will be printed inside the panel cover.

For Napco GEM-P-801 keypad and Napco GEM-P-1632 keypad, you need to check the keypad pictures to determine which system you have. Check our complete user manual for the reference.
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Products From Prestigious Clients

  • Ademco (Honeywell) Alarm Systems
  • First Alert Alarm Systems
  • DSC Alarm Systems
  • Napco (Gemini) Alarm Systems

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In addition to FREE installations, we also offer FREE equipment and FREE activation services with your contract. Contact us to enjoy our full-service WARRANTY.
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User Manuals

Ademco (Honeywell) Alarm Systems:
Vista 15 Vista 20 All Honeywell
Digital Security Controls Alarm Systems:
DSC PC - 1555 PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 All DSC
Napco (Gemini) Alarm Systems:
GEM - P - 801 GEM - P - 1632 All Napco
Unsure which system you have? Find the panel (typically located in a closet or hallway) and remove the panel cover (lid). The type of system you have should be located on the inside of the panel cover.
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